I play video games, watch Star Trek, listen to British punk and drink Guinness.

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sup dawg


TL;DR - January is busy.

okay then.


Never mind the bollocks, heres the sex pistols!


You just earned some cool points for that knowledge.

Happy birthday Dean. Hope you enjoyed Manc. Was nice to meet you

Thanks Luis. I had a great time. It was nice to finally meet you too.

Thanks again.

Jungle Speed, not Jungle Run. Bez'll go mentaller if he sees that ;-)

It really was a fantastic weekend, Friday excluded. I'm sorry I went rushing off without properly saying goodbye, Bez was just desperate for some chocolate from that fancy shop.

Cannae wait fae London noo, ken like pure magic!

I make a rubbish Scot.

Oh shit, you're right. Jungle Run was some TV show from the past that Jordan kept mentioning. He's got me all confused now.

Friday was good, you were just partying a little too hard. Haha. Also, don't worry about it. The phone call was more than adequate.

London is gonna be pure mental like. I must make it down there!

I just want to say thank you very much for all those great conversations we had. I was somewhat expecting us to be at it all day but then we wouldn't be talking to anyone else. :P Still, what we said has been a pleasure and for you to be one of the guys I wanted to see the most at the Manchester meet, my satisfaction was met.

Thanks Bahamut, you were awesome. That's definitely not the last you've heard from me. I'm going to be a NG UK Meet regular from now on I think. There were just too many people that I got on with so well for me to never show face again.

See you in London hopefully.


Sup dawg. Also, you've already posted here. Get a life.

im bored

Well like I've previously suggested, I have no objections to you PMing me.

i dont know what you are talking about

Leave me alone.

i want to play

Come to my house tomorrow and we can play TimeSplitters 2 or some shit.

do all cats eat food?

I guess so. Do you beg to differ?

I wish I was there. :(

It sucks being down here at the south.

Will I be seeing you in London this August? I aim to be down for the meet.

Sounded like fun! Wish I was there.

You should have been there. Where were you?

How did a no see you at the Glasgow met?

Manchester was my first meet. You'll quite possibly see me in the future. It would be nice to see Kieran, Grant and Bez on their home soil.

Fair play.

Play fair.