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Not bad for a first animation

Considering that this is your first flash, it's not too bad yet it's nothing great. The art style and animation is fairly basic and the lips are really out of sync, but with practise I'm sure you'll be able to make that less of an issue.

It would have been nice to see some background image in there, regardless of whether it was stationary or had some animation of its own. The white background just made things seem too plain and gave the whole movie an unfinished feel.

Stick with flash, put more time into your work and I'm sure you'll get better. Just remember to do something with the background next time.

Left me with too many questions

I liked the combination of 3D and 2D animation. It seemed to work quite well in my opinion and you did a good job at combining the two styles. The animation itself was also fairly well done, even if it was fairly short. It all just seemed to fit together quite nicely.

The sound, especially that which was applied to the 3D animations, seemed spot on for the most part. The voice over at the end didn't seem all that clear to me though. I actually had to watch it again just so that I could hear what was said.

My main complaint is that I can't quite work out what just happened. The plot made no sense to me and I just generally didn't get what was going on. What were the robotic arms about? Why did he grow wings? What was the point of him flying off the toilet? I was just left with too many questions.

I think if you were to work more on creating a good plot you'd be able to make something that I'd enjoy watching.

SkoopleFloop responds:

The claws represent a crap brand that feels like razors when you wipe, and the latter brand sends you to the clouds because its so soft. And thank you for your well written review. Although I am pretty sad that people aren't getting the visual metaphor :(

Too short

The sprite work itself was alright, but the movie didn't have me wanting to find out what was going to happen next. A bit of resistance from the guards might have made the movie a little more interesting, but as it stands it didn't really do anything for me and I found it to be too short to achieve anything.

Try making future work longer and more appealing to the viewers.

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Really enjoyed this game. My only slight complaint is that I found the keyboard controls are a little awkward. It would have been easier if I was only using 3 fingers instead of 4 but I'm assuming this game was geared more towards touch screen controls?

Regardless, I thought this was a great little game with a nice old school arcade feel to it.


I love this game. It's graphically nice to look at, the animation is smooth and the puzzles are enjoyable.

My only criticism is that it is a little short, but it is still a really nice game.

Really fun game!

I really enjoyed playing this game. The text command style of game is a nice change from the point and click games that seem to be so widespread now.

I managed to get all the achievements in the end but delivering the baby into space took me the longest to work out.

My one criticism is that it might have been more interesting if there were a few more possible outcomes, but other than that I find this game hard to fault.

Good work.

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Seriously loved this track. It has that old school, basic sound that was what made ska-punk so great back in the day. I wish I knew of more younger bands that have this kind of sound. Keep it up and don't conform.

FairSquare responds:

Thanks man! Really appreciate it :)

Kick Ass

All the Evil-Dog material is great. Hope to hear more. =]

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Everything in this piece to artwork looks extremely realistic, aside from one small detail. The cat has 5 legs. For that reason, the 10 I was going to give you has been reduced to a 9.

Rucklo responds:


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