I play video games, watch Star Trek, listen to British punk and drink Guinness.

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Go play that damn Commodore then D:<

Also go on an epic journey through the fields to that mountain in the distance.

Okay, okay, I will give the Commodore a play at some point. I'm just scared it dies on me one day :(

That would be a pretty epic journey. I will take my Hobbit friends, find a ring and we will travel to that mountain! You're welcome to join me on my journey.

see u in manc. dont wear that flannel shirt. thnx.

I don't think I'm going to Manchester this month so you wont have to look at my lovely flannel shirt.

I'll bring the wizards

lol wizards sleeves.

That countryside looks beautiful man, lucky you! Sure am jelly. I guess your just going to have to make the most of it, my exams are almost over now and I'll be in the same boat.

I know how you feel, its awesome at first having all that free time but after a few days you struggle with how to fill it.

Thanks dude. The countryside was looking even nicer today since it was really sunny outside. If it's the same way tomorrow I'll take a better camera and get a better picture of it.

Good luck with the rest of your exams. Free time is definitely fun at first, but like you say, it does become a challenge to keep yourself amused after a while.

I would journey with you to that mountain.

Also it's such an honor to get a mention in this most prestigious of news posts.


And you'd be more than welcome to take part in the epic journey.

An honour you say? Impressive. Well, you seem like a decent enough chap and you're a part of 'the squad' so how could I not mention you.


No offense but your new profile pic is fucking gross man.


Ah well, we'll get to Edinburgh at some point this summer, or next academic year if you get a flat for uni or something.

The two hour trip to your neck of the woods looks like boring motorway riding, which is no fun on the bike, though I could make a day of it at some point.

Maybe think of some new hobby for the month, try learning a few dishes to make when/if you move out? Don't want to survive on burgers and pizzas like I did at uni.

I'm quite shocked that I'll be in my third year of uni and still living at home. I lived on campus in first year, but other than that I've just travelled from home every day.

I imagine it will be pretty much motorway all the way. Well, at least until you're outside Edinburgh. Edinburgh to Gala isn't my favourite route any more, since I take it every day when I'm meant to be at uni.

I got an A for hospitality in school I'll have you know. I'm quite the chef :P But yea, a new hobby sounds like a plan. It's just a case of finding something I guess.

In my country the exams are just starting.
wish me luck, hope your exams went well.

Good luck indeed sir. Hopefully mine went well, but I don't think I find out until some point in July.



Stop eating my mushrooms!

I had the first volume myself, but didn't read beyond there. I do keep meaning to start reading them again though, perhaps get them online.

Also 1984 is a great book, I recommend reading Brave New World if you liked that :3

I have the next 3 volumes due to arrive today. They should be as amusing as the first one was.

I did enjoy 1984 but initially I was expecting a totally different ending. Thanks for the recommendation. I'll be sure to check it out :3

read World War Z like right now.

More zombie tales? I'll need to get through these Walking Dead comic books first.

I see Scotland also has high quality gates.

It's much like Ireland, only better :P





Rayman art.

I might be a terrible artist, but I had to show my affection for the guy. He was a childhood hero. Him and his occasional golden fist.

Those are some tasty grades, Dean. Nice one.

Thanks Lee. I hope things are going well for you too.

Sir, i don't know why you are proud of being a true brit, aren't you scottish? English people are the people who dominated the world at some point, not scots.

What does dominating the world have to do with anything? Plus, as far as violence and all that jazz goes, Scotland was the greater. Even in WWII some of our Highland regiments were amongst the most feared of the war.

Still, I'm British first, Scottish second.

Fuck, those are some good grades. I'm damn well dreading mine.

Anyway, Junes almost over. How'd it go? Boring as you thought?

Thanks. Hopefully you'll be like me and expect to have done okay, but actually done pretty well. hopefully you wont be disappointed.

June really wasn't as boring as I expected actually. I read the first four Walking Dead volumes, watched a few series of Still Game and the likes to start out with, which was okay but not exactly day filling. Been spending a fair amount of time playing Xbox in the mornings/nights with Toast-Tony and just going out walking during the day. It's hard to find more exciting ways of spending your time around here.

Well done on those results!

Thank you Kieran!

Biggin up the BRO crew dis massive welcome to the fish ill make a salad with a sharted winter shawtie fa sho! need more peoples to play bf with us, and everyone can be our bf2!!! TOOOOOOTALLY!

Right, that's it. I'm gonny clap yer dug. Ya cunt.

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