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Scotland has a ton of old Forts and Castle's and such right? Like from the dark ages? I would just adore seeing those castle's, and learn the culture. Scotland was always a place that would fascinate me.

Yea, there are plenty old castles, towers and just big old buildings scattered around the countryside. Although a lot of them are in ruins now or have been blocked off to the public in a sense. Like you used to be able to freely go into some of the old towers and climb up them but now the doors and stuff get boarded up for safety reasons :(

Too much open space and fresh air.

You can never have too much. I've been trying to make the most of it over the last few weeks.

It annoys me so much when cool old buildings are closed up for safety reasons. Besides, if I went in there of my own accord it's my own fault if I do something stupid, break my legs and be forced to crawl slowly back to civilization and it would still be damn worth it D:<

Yea, I know what you mean. In some cases I can see their logic though. I remember being in an old castle/tower thing years back and you could get right up onto the roof, but the ledge was less than a meter wide and it was a pretty high drop if you fell over the edge. No wall or anything, literally just a ledge that you could easily fall off of.

Well that is rubbish... Though besides that, don't Scotland and Sweden have the most amazing rock artists? Like always using a hint of that mid evil vibe? I just love music like that also.

Well, I only really listen to punk and metal so probably not the best person to ask. The Exploited are a pretty cool Scottish band though.

The funny thing is, I've only heard of one Exploited song. And that was Fuck the Usa.

Not a bad song that, but yea, if I was going to introduce an American to The Exploited I probably wouldn't have started with that song :P

Enjoy Uni, I'd imagine third year is when shit gets real, not that I'd know ;-)

First fillings at 19? That's good going, you must really look after your teeth, I've had quite a few. Well done for already breaking one.

I think third year is the start of the tough part. So far I think over half my grades have been an A, but I wont be expecting that any more :(

I think I'd had a filling years ago on one of my baby teeth, but they don't count, right? The excessive amount of milk that I used to drink probably helped my teeth stay nice and strong, but what do I know?

If you're missing that nice Mac taskbar alternative, I'd suggest you give RocketDock a try, it essentially mimics it.

I had XP installed on my Mac and barely touched OS X. Sounds a little pointless, I know, but sometimes OS X comes in handy for programming and when I don't have access to a power socket because it's far more battery friendly.

I quite like the Mac dock, but I was never so much a fan of docks on Windows. With Mac it feels like it belongs there, it actually has a purpose, but with Windows it feels like an extra feature that isn't really too useful. The quick launch section of the task bar essentially is a dock itself.

You don't look as badass in that pic D:

new sig's awesome though

Decided that other pic looked a little... I dunno but I wasn't such a fan.

Yea, the new sig is thanks to Ninjar. That guy has some patience.

looks nice make a scotland meetup in the summer ill go and pretend to understand what youre all wittering on about

There will probably be a Glasgow meet you can go to Jack. Chances are that I wont be there though. Money will be tight by then and Glasgow isn't easily accessible for me.