I play video games, watch Star Trek, listen to British punk and drink Guinness.

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I know I'm late for this, but congrats on the MODship.

Thanks :)

who are you and what's with the green name thing

I'm just a guy with a green name.

I hate how December (and all of winter really) is completely dominated by christmas. It's just one day ffs.

No idea what you should get your siblings but you should put it in a DVD case to surprise them on the off chance that it's small enough to fit in one.

Also you should continue this one post every month thing.

It's dominated by exams right now for me. Exams I still haven't started revising for and the first is the day after tomorrow :o

It's looking like it will be either DVDs, video games or something like that which I end up getting them. I'm not creative enough to think of anything else.

I think I will stick with the monthly news posts. Otherwise I can't imagine I'd update my profile often at all.

Good luck with this exams. Get your brother a nuts magazine, not necessarily porn but something for men, Christmas specials are great.

I'm glad to see you use the phrase "all that jazz" becauseI say that and some people think it's weird

Thanks. The sooner these exams are over the sooner I can go back to doing nothing. As for my brothers present, I'll look into that. I found a few DVD box sets that I was considering but damn it I always get DVDs.

"All that jazz" is a cool phrase. I never really think about using it, but I guess I say it fairly often. Better to be quirky than boring.

Its a bit steep but harry potter 1-8 is £20 in tesco, imsure its something that an 11 year old girl would really enjoy

I saw that somewhere else and was tempted to get it. Also thought about buying her all the books but no idea if she'd read them. We have the odd Harry Potter DVD scattered about the house too, I'm just not sure how many. I'll see ig my brother is up for paying half or something.

I return to the BBS and what do I find out?
You've become a mod.

Congratz, dude. :D

Not heard from you for a while, friend Erty. But yea, thanks :)

You don't let no wind push you around god damn it

Apparently if you weigh 8 stone or less the wind is powerful enough to blow you over.

WARNING highest man alive!!!!!!!!

Get back down here.

I'm gonna adopt that look in your photo.

lol nice.

What are intending to do with you CS degree?

Good question. I honestly have no idea. Hopefully it will be useful when it comes to looking for work though.

What uni do you go to?

Heriot Watt

Wow, you have some interesting courses. Artificial Intelligence Exam? Well, I hope your last one goes well!

They tend to sound more exciting than they actually are :P

Thanks though :)

Edinburgh then :)

A done AI in GCU, definitely was the hardest exam out of all of them! But it was a useful course though, wrote a battle simulator where two swarms learned to kill each other for my degree project.

Ah, that sounds pretty cool. We didn't really get to do anything like that on this specific course. I think it was more of an introduction to AI. The only programming stuff we really did was Prolog and CLIPS. The project for the module was to create both a data-driven and goal-driven expert system.

Not going to lie that haircut does not give you justice.

Regardless, it stays. I just always go for a #2 buzz cut.

Has no one ever told you that it looks terrible? I'm not trying to sound mean or like some sort of hair expert here, but still.

Well, they have now. Hair is hair. I don't care. I prefer it short. Less hassle and I don't have to pay to get it cut. I had longer hair for many years and prefer it the way it is now.

You know you said if you're 8st or less you might get blown over. I cannot gain weight for the life of me and weigh about 8st

Come live in Scotland for a while and you'll soon bulk up. I'm 6ft and about 11.5st right now, I think. The wind is no match for me!


Been playing Battlefield lately?

The Manchester meet isn't very likely, Christmas is an expensive time and I've got no money that I can use for Manchester, really sorry about that.

We should play BF3 sometime soon

Ah well, no worries. Money is a bit of an issue for me too if I'm honest. If I do still end up going, I'll probably be left with next to nothing. Tramps is in the same situation. Probably wont be until after the new year before we know for definite.

Yea, I'll be on Battlefield at some point. Felt like shit the last few days so I've not been on the Xbox. Today feels different though. Think I'm recovering from this bastard of a flu now.

happy almowst xmasss

And a merry Christmas to you too!

Hey, it sounds like you're studying some interesting subjects. Good luck with that!

Why thankyou and Merry Christmas!

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