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I'm pretty sure Coop owns at least one of everything.

We must investigate this claim further!

Coop was my room mate at the Manchester Meet. He let me use his laptop. You could feel the power surging from it.

Shit, it froze and I triple clicked that bitch

lol. I've been unintentionally spamming people's news posts for weeks because of this.

Not bad for £60, I doubt you'll regret it. That copy of Banjo makes me mad jelly. When I got my N64 a few months back it was £35 with Extreme G, Goldeneye and OoT as well as a boxed rumble pak, memory card and 3 controllers (one of which was yellow, fuck yeah). I'd say I got a pretty good deal.

You definitely got a good deal there, no doubt. If you were to sell the games alone you could probably get your money back and still have the console, but who'd sell Zelda. Such an awesome game. The boxed Banjo definitely was worth it. I was shocked to see it in such fine condition.

So much for revision eh

Give me a break! I'll start it on Monday :(

Dean, more like queen, amirite? Lol. Just kidding.

Nice N64 by the way. PuddinN64 is very proud that you got that thing.

I thought you might be :P Got any other good games you can recommend? Not sure if I want to make my next purchase, after I've saved up some cash, a new console (probably SNES or NES) or more N64 games.

The next five games I would recommend for you to get for that system would be Conker's Bad Fur Day, Star Fox 64, Blast Corps, Paper Mario, and Donkey Kong 64. Personally, I'd advise against getting a new console, as I've done that in the past after I got new games for my Wii and as a result, I put off playing some of the newer games. I'd say you should round out the N64 library first.

I have an extra copy of Super Smash Bros, by the way. The retro store in my area won't give me much for it and I'd rather see a fellow NG user enjoy it than give it to those guys. Would you be interested in me sending it to you?

Conker's Bad Fur Day and Paper Mario sell for a fortune over here. The others are more reasonable, so I'll look into them.
I'd love to accept that copy of Super Smash Bros, but sadly your NTSC games are no use to us gamers in the PAL region :(

I'd actually advise against Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros., since the sequels are the exact same thing but refined and improved. You're better off spending your dosh on something you haven't played a superior version of.

Mario Kart was never really my thing and I've never played Smash Bros before, but after I realised what it was, I was a l ittle put of, especially due to how much it costs. I don't think it was too popular in Europe, which explains why it's selling for so much.

Plus Smash Bros. really isnt much fun unless you're playing multiplayer

Which I wouldn't be unless I got another controller and a friend who is into old games :P

Do you bother to use the rumble pak? I remember it rumbled in Zelda when a secret was nearby or something, but the bloody thing's so awkward and eats through batteries so it's hardly worth it.

I've been wanting to start making videos for a while now. All I need is a decent mic (and maybe a camera if I wanted to appear on-screen, but it's a bit out of my budget atm). What's your youtube username?

Well, I started using it originally just for the feedback and I had read about it vibrating when you were near treasure if you have the Stone of Agony (which I never found). Stopped using it as soon as I got Epona thought because it was vibrating every step the horse made and I guessed it would eat batteries.

I'm not sure what the quality of my cam/mic will be like, but I'll just be using the stuff built into my Mac, so it should be semi-decent. Sadly I have no way of capturing gameplay though. YouTube username is DeanNewgrounds I think.

If I was a video game, I'd have all the points.

If you were a video game, I'd beat you over and over again.

<a href="http://www.gamerankings.com/browse.html?site=ps2&amp;cat=48&amp;year=0&amp;numrev=4&amp;sort=0&amp;letter=&amp;search=">http://www.gamerankings.com/browse.html?site=p s2&amp;cat=48&amp;year=0&amp;numrev=4&amp;sort =0&amp;letter=&amp;search=</a>

Gamerankings is the best shit ever for finding good games

Ah, that is pretty cool. Thanks!