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A Treecko figure *_*

Lol. This is going to sound like a lame excuse, but it's not mine. My brother was getting stuff cleared out his room recently, I went to see if there was anything worth salvaging. Saw that and figured it might look cool on my shelf but then I didn't want it obstructing things so it got a space on the bottom.

But thank you for that, because I didn't even know which Pokemon it was. Silver was pretty much where I left Pokemon.

Good God, you have a lotta games? You ever count them all?

546 right now. Soon to be 547.

Regularly updated list: backloggery.com/deannewgrounds

thats a great collection

Thanks :)

That's pretty great. Game collections always look so much nicer when they're organized.

I'm subbed to some people on YouTube who can literally cover the walls of their rooms with shelves and completely fill them up with games. I wont rest until I can do the same!

if you ever get a girlfriend i hope you don't show her that gay shit, she will run for the hills

When the ladies come into my room, the first thing they say to me is "Good god Dean, you have a massive... game collection!"


Treeko Figu- dammit, Asandir!

Still, pretty impressive collection of games; now if only I could actually read some of the titles...

Full list of my games is available here:

Now thats more than gaming.

I'm building up a massive collection so that when I hit retirement age I have enough games to last me until my death.

By Azura are those floppy disks

Yup. There's a fair amount of them. Those are all games/software for my Atari ST

You should consider getting some more figures.

It's more expense and I don't really have space for them. I don't think them sitting in front of games. That Pokemon figure is only there because it was going to be binned and I thought I'd save it.

Maybe when I have my own place with a dedicated game room I'll try to fill it with figures and other memorabilia.

But think how sexy Rayman would look standing proudly at the opposite side of the shelf. Not sure if such a figure even exists but still.

Searched "Rayman figure" on eBay and all I got were those retarded rabbits from the Rayman games that I refuse to play. Rayman figure would be cool though.

Holy Crap though its so many games!

Most of them are games that I picked up when the systems were current gen and I just never sold them. More recently though I've started collecting games from all eras that I think will be fun to play.

Meh I have fillings I keep having to go back for because theyre too lazy to get them all done in one or two trips and they tell me I need wisdom teeth removed which they don't do there.

That sucks. I managed to get mine done in two trips and these were done a lot better than my last dentists attempt. I still don't even have wisdom teeth.