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i knew all of this before you posted this blog, i feel like your BFFL

I'm surprised people even read this shit. It's kinda gotten to the point where I feel like I HAVE to make a new post on the first of every month. It's tradition now.

I think it's kinda nice that you share your thoughts and feelings with us. I remember when I was done with the university and had to search a job, a new life... In fact, I did what you want to do: I made a fresh start, in a big city, Berlin in my case.
It was different at first, the first couple of months were rather hard, I'll have to admit that, but as soon as I got my first connections, I'll start to like it :D

Nowadays, I'm almost ready to leave this city and move back home. I'm in the right age to found a family, and quite frankly, I would rather raise my kids in the area where I grow up once, not here. Plus, a lot of my old friends (some of them I know for 20 years and longer) returned and life there. How knows? Maybe your friends will return once upon a time. Till then, give it a shot and try something new, mate!

And btw, for all I can say, you made a good decision about your job choice. Any software related job has a good potential out there. I understand that you are a little scared (that's only human), but your future may look brighter then you think right now! :)
I'll drink a Stout on your healthiness,

Thanks for the words of wisdom!

I'm now set on the idea of moving to the city after I graduate. If I was to stay in this town, it'd be a dead end for me as there really isn't all that much in the way of software development jobs around here. At least, none that I could find. Plus I think the transition of small town boy to city boy might be quite exciting. City centres aren't something I'm used to.

Moving back home to start a family sounds like an interesting idea. I hope that works out well for you!

you still alive homeboy?

Apparently. Yesterday was my last day of uni. Now I just have my dissertation to write over Easter and 2 exams to sit. Almost a free man! Until I jet a job.