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You went from being a tiny nerd to a biker man with big muscles. So proud of you buddy.

Nothing changed. I guess NG is just sees more of my nerdy side. I'm no biker though, I just got speaking to a couple of them when I was out. I rarely appear in photos and that one got taken at the weekend so thought I might as well share it. My profile picture is 2 years old now. Scary how time flies.

I know how you feel. Time flies after you get out of school. I have the same feeling about pictures. I never appear in them because I fear looking like shit, but I worry I won't have anything to remember my youth by later. :(

I don't mind people taking pictures. I just don't like photos that are set-up, with everyone all huddled around. It's those kind of photos that usually end up looking a bit weird. It's more fun when people don't announce that they're about to take a photo. They usually come out better too.

The mostly anticipated game of the year... how is it? Does the lack of RPG realism bring down the second life experience? Is Tennis as boring as some people say it is? Are the heists too much inspired by Heist? How far have you played? I'll be waiting forever on the PC version...

It's pretty good. Definitely the best GTA game we've seen so far. I beat the game a few days after buying it. Played it way too much. Currently waiting on the multiplayer becoming more stable so that I can mess about with that.

It's good to hear some positivism about the new game! All I've been reading so far are ranting reviews about how it's all turned to shit; doesn't compare to SA. Did you ever play SA btw? If so... how does it compare?

There are negative reviews for this game? If you liked SA you'll pretty much love this, seeing as it's pretty much a modern take on the SA formula. Only rather than the 3 smaller cities we saw in SA this one has on bigger city with some towns scattered around the countryside. Definitely wouldn't call it a let down.

Indeed there are, like this last one I read: http://psychopath.newgrounds.com/news/post/869651

You don't delve in details much do you. :) Sounds great though! The graphics are the obvious improvement, but I'm hoping the gameplay still beckons to continued play even after you finish all the missions, just like the last one. I hope there's still plenty of water scattered around this mass of land though? The dividing oceans were a nice, both visual and atmospheric, aspect of the previous games.

I'm not much of a reviewer and I don't think walls of text are best suited for news post comments. Like San Andreas, you probably will do a lot of free roaming after you beat the game though. It does just feel a lot like a modern take on San Andreas.

no halloweeny things?

I don't think I've ever really celebrated Halloween ever. Never went trick or treating as a child, At most I'll maybe watch a film from the Halloween franchise if it's on TV. Preferably one of the older films. What is there to do that's Halloweeny?

you've NEVER gone trick or treating D:


Nothing against people who go trick or treating but for me, personally, I always thought it was a little pathetic. Going round people's houses essentially begging for free "candy". Although as far back as I remember the people going trick or treating were always more interested in getting money from people. Bragging about how they knew this old lady who gave them £5 and that they'd go to her house again later and she'd give them another £5 because she didn't know they'd already visited her. Hate the thought of that.

that's not the point though, not really, making the costumes and dicking about in them was the part I liked most by far

It was always the point around here. A lot of the people who did what I previously mentioned barely even bothered with costumes. Or if they did it was the most half-assed costume you've ever seen. Although where I live now, the kids seem to put more effort in.

That sucks, man. I think I have my elementary school to thank mostly, every halloween they'd give prizes to whoever had the best outfit and they had to be home made, so everyone went trick or treating in those. loved that shit.

How do you like the hardcore station on GTA V

I actually haven't played GTA V for a few weeks now but yea, the hardcore station is pretty good. I don't usually listen to much American punk but they actually have a pretty decent selection there. It's the station that I usually listen to by default. I occasionally switch over to Rebel Radio in the hope that Johnny Cash is playing.