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I play video games, watch Star Trek, listen to British punk and drink Guinness.

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Welcome to the next level.

How long before the novelty wares off?

Damn you skipped straight to owning a home. Smart! I kicked around apartments through college and a few years after and we didn't buy our first house until last year. It's nice to put up pictures without worrying if the landlord will keep your deposit for tiny holes in the wall and putting a huge chunk of my paychecks into rent that I'll never benefit from.

The novelty wares off after the first major repair pops up and you can't just call the landlord or leasing office to get it fixed. Our water line burst one day. We didn't notice because it had been raining so assumed the big puddles in the front yard were from that. We paid a guy $500 to fix it the next morning (after another plumber quoted $2000 and we had to wait a few day - always get multiple quotes for stuff!). then the next month the water bill was $100 instead of the usual $30.

But it's still cool to be able to change things you don't like if you want to. Want a ceiling fan? Go out and buy one. Want new shades? replace the old ones.

Congrats dude

Living at home for the past 2 years and working full time made it a lot easier for me to save up enough to cover the deposit. I gave a low-ball offer too and they decided to accept it first time, so I got quite lucky.

Yea, I can see unexpected costs being more of an issue now. Before buying the house, things like that weren't an issue for me at all. Just found out my car needs a new set of tires, which is going to knock me back about £280. Could've done without that right now!

Thanks :)

This is sounding great, mate. I ended up flying the nest at 18, moved cities, lived in some shared houses and now I have my own privately rented maisonette.

I feel we should trade furnishing tips, haha. My places have always looked bare and not too homely.

If you've got Steam, ask me in PM and I'll add you. :)