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February: A Quiet Month

Posted by Dean - February 1st, 2011

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After having so much to look forward to in January, February doesn't seem to have much for me. It's looking to be a fairly quiet month. However, I am starting to notice all the coursework and lab work that I have to do for uni catching up on me. It's possible that I've left some things later than I would have liked.

For my Programming Languages class, we basically get given weekly exercises to complete, most of which I've done but there's a few I still need to have signed off. So far it's been nothing too challenging but it's been hard adapting to programming in C as oppose to Java. I'm getting there though. Soon we will be coding compilers for our own programming languages and towards the end of the month we will be learning how to program using an assembly language. It's probably going to be quite hard.

For my Database Management Systems class, we have a group project to do. It's basically to design and implement a database for a system of our choice. We're still in the design phase, but we've not actually done a whole lot of work yet. Thankfully all the people in my group are friends of mine, so it's not like I have to chase down random people to get some work done. We just seem to have been rather lazy up to this point.

For my Software Design class, we've been given a piece of coursework but it's not something that I find all that interesting. There's a lot of diagrams and charts that need to be drawn for our ideas on how to best set up a system to perform a specific set of tasks. I was never a fan of these planning type stages which is why I'm not so fond of the class. It's probably the least exciting piece of coursework so far.

For my Maths class, we've just been doing some simple work with vectors and are about to move on to matrices. I've actually done most of this stuff in the past while I was in school, so it's more of a reminder than learning new material which does make things a little easier.

If you've made it this far without me boring you to death, I can tell you that I have Rock Band 3 on order, along with one of the drum kits. I've played Guitar Hero 3 to the point where it's just repetitive now, even though I've not been able to finish the final few songs on expert yet, but I don't think I ever will. I'm quite excited to mess about with the drums on Rock Band. They seem like they'll make a fun change. If you're interested in playing with me at some point and I'm not already on your XBL friends like, just leave your Gamertag at the bottom of the page or PM me.

So that pretty much sums up February. There's not a great deal going on and definitely not anything exciting. I guess it's the clam before the storm. I imagine that by next month I will be swamped with coursework and assessments.

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Minecraft - 14/02/11

So, something I never though would happen happened. I bought Minecraft. I've been sceptical of this 'game' for so long now and always refuse to buy it when asked, but Tramps convinced me to buy it. It's totally pointless but I still feel compelled to build things. Seems to be worth the money.

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My Third Birthday - 16/02/11

Today is the three year anniversary of this Newgrounds account. It feels like I've been here a lot longer, but apparently not. Feel free to send me cake, cards and gifts. I will accept all with open arms.

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Ubuntu - 19/02/11

Last night I went back to thinking about installing Ubuntu on my MacBook Pro. It's something I've thought of doing in the past, but never actually gone ahead with it for a few reasons. Firstly, it's meant to be a pain in the ass to install, with driver issues and who knows what else. Secondly, I'm already dual booting with XP, so I didn't think a third partition would be the best idea.

However, I downloaded a copy of the install disk and thanks to a guide shown to me by deckheadtottie, I went about installing it. I can honestly tell you that it is now my favorite operating system. The only reason that I will go back to Windows is for its ability to game and the only reason that I will return to OSX is if I need the long lasting battery life.

There really were no major issues getting it working. I just needed to download a driver for my wireless card and I had to do some minor tinkering to get the sound working.


Guitar hero 3??!!!

We totally need to play together sometime. It's like, my favourite rhythm game.

We totally should. I can play most of the songs on expert, aside from the last 6 or something.