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July: A I'm Not So Sure Month

Posted by Dean - July 1st, 2011

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I really don't know what this month has in store. There are three birthdays in my house this month, so that means I have to buy presents. How annoying and expensive. Time to head on over to the DVD bargain bin at Tesco I think.

I'm meant to be going down to Manchester next month, so I'll have to get that sorted out sometime soon. Hopefully this little trip actually goes ahead, because I need at least one exciting thing to happen this summer. Not that I've been particularly bored I guess, but I've not exactly done much. It sucks when most of your friends are in full time work.

Basically, I have nothing else to say about this month, so I'll leave you a video of Toy Dolls doing what they do best, making music fun:


Hey, Dean.

Hey, Natick.




Hopefully this trip will be as epic as that song.

I've only just noticed that your face is greyscale.

Oh yea. I was messing about with camera setting and I thought it was quite cool, mainly because it doesn't seem to be highly noticeable. I think you're the second person to point that out. Have an Oreo as a reward!

Thanks dude, Oreo's sure are nice :D

But I don't currently have any D:

Oh thanks. Thanks for the FALSE Oreo. :C

If there are some in your house, eat one right now and tell yourself that Dean gave you it.

It was modern warfare that came up with that quote. this ''Albert'' fella must have stolen it.

I am very confused right now. Should I be confused right now?

Well modern warfare will certainly be confused when he finds out albert had been stealing his shit.

I'm now more confused than before.

I bet albert hardscopes

Not helping :(

Your suggestion has been noted, I'm off to cause some havoc on this queer's account

Glad to be of assistance.

Really got nothing else to say?

I'm off work the first two weeks of next month, you free on the week days and I could meet you in Edinburgh or something?

Or you could come to Glasgow...

Unlikely to be honest. I'm away down to Manchester in the second week to see some friends, so I need all my pennies for that.

God DEAN it, damn!

Yo, my names Joe and I work in a button factory.

If you're so poor why don't you sell a commodore

to me

I will sell you the broken one and claim it's fully functional. No money back no guarantee.

Yo my names Dean and I'm about to be robbed of my spleen

Bloody stoners