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November: A Good Gaming Month

Posted by Dean - November 1st, 2011

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November (and late October) seems to be a pretty good month for gaming. I've not really been hyped for a game since the release of GTA IV and even that was pretty minor compared to some games from previous years. However, a few days back saw the release of Battlefield 3.

I was excited for Battlefield 3 to an extent, but not overly. I've been playing it for the last few days now and I wont hesitate to say that it's awesome. I think this could be considered the best FPS that I've played. We just need DICE to get the servers sorted and it will be near perfect, despite all these people with their constant whinging about how terrible the game is. The game is only 'terrible' because you fools hype it up so much and expect them to have suddenly solved every possible issue that a game might have. Well, that's just not how it works folks. I've been reading through several Battlefield 3 dedicated forums today and all the crying was amusing in a pathetic way. If you hate the game so much, stop playing it and stop trying to get DICE to alter things to make it easier for you. Actually, just go play COD.

Next up will be the release of Skyrim on November 11th, which is also Remembrance Day here in Britain, so don't forget to remember those people who gave their lives to defend this great land of ours. But yea, Skyrim is a game that I've been waiting on for the last few years. It's predecessor, Oblivion, still remains one of my favourite games and Bethesda are probably my favourite developer. I still don't actually have the game pre-ordered though. A mixture of scepticism that it will be what I'm expecting and lack of money are what's holding me back. It might not hurt me to wait a while, find out if the game is as good as I hope and then spend my money on it, rather than risk losing £40 to a game that I could have waited a while for. I'm not expecting it to be bad or anything, but I could probably live without it for a little while longer.

I also have a whole load of coursework to get done this month. I have to do some fairly simple modelling with OpenGL, code an expert system in CLIPS, finish a logic assignment and continue to work on my year long project. Having all these new games to potentially distract me doesn't help all that much either.

That's about it for my expectations of this month really. Still the thought of the NG Manchester Meet occasionally comes into my head from time to time, which I'd like to add that I may or may not be attending. I was originally a definite attendee but it all comes down to whether or not I think I can afford to go there and still have enough to last me until summer. Are you planning on going to the Manchester Meet? If so, let me know. It just might end up influencing my decision.

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I'm a BBS mod now - 22/11/11

Tonight has been hectic. Out of the blue I'm asked if I'd like to help moderate the BBS. It's nice to have some trust placed in me and the ability to contribute to a forum that has amused me for the past four years now. Hopefully you guys will behave and save me from having to do cruel and wicked things to you, like not letting you post for a whole three days.


I agree (:

Nice one (:

Why does everything always have to require money :C

My brother got BF3, and I though that would save me $60 but EA had to be pricks and put in a code for the multiplayer. Wasn't the karkand pack code enough? Bastards.

Although I am kind of enjoying the campaign. I don't like how they used the black ops interrogation-flashback route though, it makes no bloody sense. ''err, so then I ran down a corridor and killed some guys. Then I picked up an AK47 and shoved it into my pistol holster. Then I killed some more guys. Then I got shot in the face but it regenerated, so I killed the guy and teabagged him''

Me and my brother actually did decide to go halfers on the game to save money but then we ran into the code issue as well. We just ended up buying a copy each.

I've not put much time into the campaign. I decided to start on hard and it's a bit tricky in some places. I prefer to just focus on the multiplayer for now. I'll hopefully get the campaign done at some point though.

something something blah blah skyrim blah


Don't forget Lego Harry Potter!

Also you're looking pretty nice in that profile picture, besides the demon eyes of course.

Lego games are for kiddies, Gagsy.

And why thank you. Two other people in the full version of that picture and I'm the only one with demon eyes. It's a sign.

When did you become a mod?

Wait, scratch that. I misread your name.

Yup. I'm a noob at this whole mod thing.

Congrats for becoming a moderator :)
Don't ban me ;_;

Don't worry Asandir. Although I enjoyed trying to tease you, I can't see that happening.

Grats on the modship.

Thanks :)

Congratulations on being moderator!

Thanks man. Talk about unexpected D:

When a month brings you Skyrim and BBS modship, what more can you ask? :P

Some free Guinness would be nice, although I've already had my fair share of that this month too. Haha.

It's weird seeing you as a mod. This is the first time I've known somebody before they got modded.

It's weird being a mod. Red buttons are all over the BBS now and I've lost my dark aura.

It's like knowing someone before they were famous.

Congratulations, it's a well earned modship.

Thanks Mini. We will have to play BF3 again some time, if you still have it. Skyrim sort of took over my gaming time though.

congratz on forum mod, lol.


Entrusting a demon as mod? And a Scottish demon no less?!

Seriously congrats.

Thanks Gagsy. Does this mean you have to be nice to me now?

Congrats on the mod-ship.

Abuse it's power like there is no tomorrow. >:3

Thanks :)

I'll try my hardest >:3

Holy shit, I have to say that came as a surprise when I saw you with the golden aura. You definitely deserve it though, you're one of the better BBS users. As others have said, knowing someone before they became a mod feels pretty whack.


Haha thanks man. I was sort of wondering how long it would take before your comment appeared :P And yea, let it be known that you and I were cool before this happened :)

I probably SHOULD, but don't count on it DVDean.

Don't worry. We can still be friendly enemies.

Also, DVDean might be a thing of the past. I'm trying to be more creative with Christmas gifts this year but so far I've not found anything :(

Congratulations on modship, Dean. Mod well and ban hard.

Thanks. I shall do my best, old friend.

Already locking threads like a pro I see

I'll take that as a compliment :)

Nice, you can ban me when I need to cram for Uni and you'll understand, no questions asked.

Sure thing Lee. Just say the word :)

Also, hi.

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