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January [part 1]: The First Month, Again

Posted by Dean - January 1st, 2012

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Well, happy new year. We made it to 2012 and the world hasn't ended, so I guess that's a pretty good start.

The first downside to January is that the Christmas holidays end and I have to go back to university. Back to lectures, coursework, group work, presentations, exams and worst of all, 6:30am wake-ups. It's a horrible thought but I guess on the bright side it's only 12 weeks before the summer holidays begin and they are the highlight of the year for me, I guess. Let the countdown begin.

I guess on the plus side there's always the NG Manchester Meet to look forward to on the 20th. If you're reading this and happen to be going, let me know. It's less than three weeks away now and even so, I'm still not all that certain of which NG users I'll be bumping into. I definitely plan on being there now. Scary to think that it has been a year since I last saw some of you guys there already.

It's also my 20th birthday on the 17th of this month, so I'll no longer be a teenager. I feel like I'm starting to grow old, yet I still don't think of myself as an adult. When do you actually become an adult? I don't mean legally, because 18 year olds shouldn't be classed as adults. I mean, what are the requirements before you can officially consider yourself an adult?

Something else that we're meant to do at the start of the year is make out new years resolutions. Usually I don't bother too much with this because they're always boring things that people never stick with, but for once I'm going to try and stand by these.

New Years resolutions:

- Stop leaving coursework / assignments to the last minute.
- Spend more of my free time studying.
- Stop pointlessly spending money.
- Continue to try and keep in better shape.

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Dungeon Defenders - 02/01/12

After one of my friends, Toast-Tony, started playing a game called Dungeon Defenders on Xbox Live he seemed to think it was awesome and eventually persuaded me to buy it so that we could co-op it. I generally don't buy XBLA games, but holy shit thing game is awesome. Worth every penny of the £10 that is costs, so get out there and buy it. Well, you don't even need to "get out there". Just sit in your seat, turn on your console/pc and buy it. You wont regret it. Hell, I might even play with you if you ask me nicely.

If you need proof as to how good it is, Tony and I literally just spent 11 hours playing it today. Now, before you start telling me that 11 hours of straight Xbox time is pathetic, fuck off, because Tony and I are the definition of cool. He'll probably vouch for that if you don't believe me, making it two against one and your opinion therefore invalid.

Seriously though, awesome game and well worth a shot. Download the trial and see for yourself.

January [part 1]: The First Month, Again


I always think you're the same age as me. Dunno why.

I'll make my appearance in Manchester on the 20th. Can stay there as long as Sunday afternoon.

I'd probably have been in the year bellow you at school if we go by the Scottish system, so I'm not too far off.

Coolio. Well I shall see you then. I'm sure it will be as fun, if not more so, than last year. It is scary to think that is has been a year since then already.

I'm not looking forward to the colossal amount of 2012 references that will no doubt fill this year. They just had to plan the apocalypse right at the bloody end of it, didn't they? It might as well be called 2013 ffs. Speaking of 2012, where's my flying car and self-tying shoe laces? They should stop wasting good scientists on medicine and focus on what really matters.

Dunno how I'll manage to get back into a regular sleeping schedule for school either, lately I've been going to bet at around 8AM and getting up at ~4PM.

8am? That's pretty crazy. 3am for me at the latest and I generally wake up around 12 although I've been trying to get up earlier.

You'll never reach a point where you feel like an adult. Although I guess the point where teenagers make you nervous is a good start.

I reckon you'll know when you're officially an adult.

they put review quotes on the boxart of an XBLA game? All of my whyyyyyy

Coz it's so goooood!

Happy birthday!

Thanks. And thanks for the thread. If only you were able to come to Manc :(

harpy birfdhey

Cheers, my Irish chum!