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May - A Retro Gaming Month

Posted by Dean - May 1st, 2012

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First up, I've actually stuck with this YouTube thing and I've now been regularly uploading gaming related videos to my channel. So far it has just been videos showing my new additions, a tour of my entire collection and one video response to the question "Why do you collect video games?" but I'm enjoying this so plan on continuing to make this a regular thing.

As some of you may know, last month saw me buying a Nintendo 64 and a bunch of games for it. This made an awesome addition to my collection as it's a console that I've always wanted to own and really got my back into actively video game collecting again. As a result, I ended up buying a lot of games in April and decided that I'd stop buying more for a while to let me get through the ones that I have and so that I can let my money regenerate a little. Well, this didn't quite work out. I saw something listed on eBay that I just couldn't let slide. It was a console + 10 games that I ended up winning for £25. That console is a Sega Master System and for that price, it was an awesome offer.

I've never owned a Sega Master system or a console from its generation, so it will be interesting to add it to my collection, especially since it comes with a bunch of games too. Unfortunately, it wont be coming with an original Master System controller as the guy said it broke long ago, but instead he's giving me a MegaDrive controller that he's been using with the console, so maybe I'll see if I can pick up an original controller at some point. But yea, I'm pretty excited to be adding this to my collection. It's a good console to collect for because the games sell for very little here which is obviously appealing on my budget.

In other news, I have my last exam this week although the previous exam that I sat didn't go too well in my opinion, so I reckon that I might be having to resit that one, but here's to hoping that I don't. Once that exam is out the way all the remaining pressure will be lifted off my shoulders and I will be a free man. I'm sure having nothing to do for several months will get boring, just like it does every summer but as far as I'm concerned, it's a well needed break.

That's about it for this month. There's nothing exciting planned or anything like that. I'll probably just be playing a lot of video games, browsing the internet and going for long walks in the country. Sounds good to me.

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Fucking eBay - 09/05/12

I should never have signed up for eBay. Although maybe eBay isn't the problem. Perhaps is this revived compulsion to collect video games. Either way, I can't help it. I find myself browsing the video game section of eBay too often. Up until today things were going well and I was able to resist buying more stuff. Not because I feel like I'm wasting money, but because if I keep buying more new games/consoles, I'll never get around to playing the ones I already have.

Regardless, I now own my second proper Nintendo system and that is the Nintendo Gamecube. Not a console that I'm all that familiar with in all honesty, but people always seem to have good things to say about it, so to get one boxed, with a controller, memory card and three games for £25 I can't really complain. But still, this seriously need to be the last thing I buy from eBay for at least a couple months. It's a real money drainer.

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Growing a mohawk - 11/05/12

Fuck society, I'm growing a mohawk. It's still just a sprout but I'm sure that if I remember to water it every day and use some miracle grow it will be big and strong in no time. Expect the pic to update as visible progress has been made.

May - A Retro Gaming Month


I hate you. So jealous of your collection. If I'm ever in the U.K., I'm visiting you.

But you have to bring me corn bread and some proper American lemonade if you come. Those were the two best things about my trip to the States!

I've always wanted a master system. If only I had a job.

I was sort of considering looking for a summer job so that I could get more money to burn on gaming related stuff, but working seems to defeat the point of summer holidays in my opinion. Especially when you're at uni with loads of deadlines and stress.

I guess if I found something with decent hours that wasn't too stressful, I'd consider a job.

I guess a job is more appealing when you have no dosh at all and too much free time to begin with.

Yea, pretty much. Although it's scary to think that this time next year I'll be getting thrown out into the real world.

You should try doing an LP

A what?

A let's play

Oh. I should have got that one. One slight problem, I don't have any hardware for doing screen capture. And from what I've seen, capture cards ain't all that cheap.

If you weren't so homo erotic you could've used fraps.

I could, but then how do I hook my consoles up to play through my computer? I was looking into this recently and it looks especially awkward for the consoles that use RF cables.

If you're suggesting that I just emulate and record that way, I dunno. I don't have anything against emulating old games, but I lose interest if I'm not playing the games on a proper controller. I've never been a fan of gaming with the keyboard.

Gamepads. I was suggesting more towards just playing a PC game though.

Oh, I see. My PC games are generally quite dated for the most part and I'm not sure there's anything I'd particularly like to play through right now that wont take me an eternity to beat.

Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem is by far the best Gamecube exclusive to me. I don't recall it being too expensive either.

Resident Evil remake is also a must, especially if you haven't played the original. Resident Evil Zero is good too but not as much. If you haven't played them before the RE2 & 3 ports are worth getting, although they may or may not cost several organs. Better of getting the PS1 or Dreamcast versions if they're too much.

Resident Evil 4 is also the most fun game ever conceived, but the Wii version is far superior.

I've only played one Resident Evil game and I don't even know which. Think it was on PS1 but I only had a loan of it, so I'll need to look into them. I'll also try to pick up Eternal Darkness if I can get a good price. I need to stop buying things for more than I want to pay and have a little more patience until I get good deals.

Anyway, thanks again.

I don't know, if you were really interested in doing Let's Plays, a Dazzle is fairly decent quality, and pretty cheap, as far as capture cards can go. I've used one for some of the Rock Band videos I've recorded, and apart from looking into splitter cables, and using windows movie maker or something instead, because the software that comes with it sucks, it works pretty well.

It's something to think about, at least.

I've looked into them before. I think they're about £40 which is a tad expensive for me just now. Also, I think they take AV input right, where as the majority of the consoles I'd be playing have RF output. Recording from RF output doesn't seem like the most straight forward thing from what I've seen.

Ah yeah, that's true. It would be kind of tricky, then.

I'll no doubt look into screen capture stuff eventually, because I do think that it would be pretty cool to record some footage.

True. And if you do, I'll certainly be interested in checking it out later!

Ah, good stuff. I'll let you know if I ever get some screen capturing hardware then. I notice that my more recent YouTube videos haven't done so well in terms of views :(

Huh. Someone stole my gamecube. And Gameboy Color. And PSP. And my mom's car got repo'd with my original Xbox in it.

anyone ever told you that you look like a rapist?

You don't have much luck with consoles, do you?

No, but I'm guessing you're about to.

You should make one of those time-lapse videos with your mohawk. Take a picture everyday and then compile it all into a video. I'd watch it!

Damn I never thought of that. If I remember to take photos I might try that.

Continue with mohawk.

Add beard.

Become the white Mr. T

lol. The mohawk looks pretty stupid right now. My aim is to get it longer and then not have it as wide. The end result would be to have a thin, spiky mohawk that's maybe a few inches tall?

Yeah man. You look like you'd kiss me on the neck after a violent rape.

Also, fuck your opinion GTA San Andreas has the best soundtrack ever.

Well, at least I'd end things in a caring, considerate manor.

Vice City soundtrack > San Andreas soundtrack for one reason; V-Rock.

Radio Los Santos. Cuz Im black and like Snoop Dogg.

I can't even think of what my most listened to station on San Andreas was. Probably Radio X but I'm not really into most of the stuff on that either.

Video killed the radio star > everything on V rock

I aint got no posters

Hell naw. V-Rock had some awesome bands. Iron Maiden, Ozzy, Anthrax, Judas Priest and Slayer. That's a hard line up to beat.

GTA posters? They're just the reverse side of all the maps that came with the games.

Why...do you only have 8 fans? Why...do I have more fans thn you?

This world is gay.

Because I will never sell out.

Woahhh. I not gone ever sell out. I'm loc'd out set trippin banger.

Sorry, I don't speak ghetto. I'm from Scotland, we barely speak English.