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June - An Empty Month

Posted by Dean - June 1st, 2012

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So, this month I plan to do absolutely nothing. Not because I want it to be that way, but because I have nothing to do. In previous years that might have bothered me, but not this year. Although I technically have nothing to get up to this month, I do have some things to do.

I've rearranged the layout of my bedroom with the aim of freeing up some corner space, allowing me to place a bookcase against both of the joining walls. This way I'll have the space to bring my game collection out of the cupboard and finally have it on display. It's looking like it might take a while before I actually acquire some bookshelves though as the last few months have seen me spending the majority of what I have on retro gaming stuff and I'm now left with little to no spare cash. Hopefully I'll get enough money to complete my plans sometime soon, but who knows.

I feel like a lot of my recent monthly updates have been centred around video games. The reason for this is that since my exams ended, video games have essentially been my main hobby. More so than they used to be. There's just something I enjoy about getting a new retro system, finding awesome deals on eBay and browsing car boot sales. I'm also playing games a lot more than I have over the last few years too. I now have a massive backlog of unfinished games and it's my aim to get through as many of them as I can.

YouTube is another thing that has been keeping me occupied. I've still been uploading a couple or more videos a week and I'm still enjoying it. I'm not really sure what it is that I enjoy though. I guess making the videos makes me feel as if I'm actually speaking to someone about video games. Not many of my friends are into video games and even less are into retro games, so it's nice to be able to discuss this kind of thing with people on YouTube. It also gives me a chance to show some of the things I've added to my collection to people who actually take interest in it. YouTube is still something I plan to stick with, although I'm not sure how active I'll be when university starts up again.

My exam results should be made available sometime soon as well. For the first time since I started uni I'm actually a little nervous about these results. I'm sort of convinced that I've failed one of the classes and that's something that I really don't want to happen because it would mean having to take another exam at some point in August and that will mean trying to revise the entire course on my own which probably wont go down to well. So fingers crossed that I managed to scrape a pass. I wouldn't even be too bothered if it was a D.

So, that's about it for this month. Like I say, I don't particularly have any plans and the awesome weather we had seems to be gone now, so a good chunk of my time will probably be spent gaming.

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Mohican Update - 14/06/12

So, a little over a month since I started, here's how things are looking now. Reckon this is probably the sort of length I'll stick with. Either that or I might let it grow a little longer but thin it out. It's currently about 3 inches in width.

June - An Empty Month


Did uni teach you C++ yet or what? You need to take that class.

I've used C but never properly used C++. The main focus was on Java.

At least you've never been shot.

You make a good point but there's still time.

Userpic of the year

Why thank you!

surprised no one made a "coming out of the closet" joke about your games

Are you suggesting that my games are gay?! D:

are you gay?


Damn, you's a regular punker guy now. Is that what you kids are callin it these days?

I was brought up listening to punk. Then when I was about 14 and started finding my own music, I got more into the Oi! genre and the skinhead scene. I think the mohawk will be getting the chop soon. Skinhead for life!

no need to lie

Do you crave my ass or something? Get outta here.

no, i do not crave your ass, i am not into men, its OK if you are though, no need to be ashamed


hello penis

Would like to go out for some coffee some time?

its just a cup of coffee its not like i am asking for a blowjob, geeze

yayyyy you had it done ,still have it?looks good.