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September - A Back To The Grind Month

Posted by Dean - September 1st, 2012

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Well, I have nine more days of freedom (including today) before I go back to uni for my final year. I'm not particularly excited to be going back either. I'm just at that point now where I want the education stage of my life to be done with so that I can move on. It's sort of scary to think that in about seven or eight months time, I'll be done with university. I'll be done with education as a whole. I'll be moving onto life in the real world, or at least I'll be starting the transition to life in the real world.

I've been doing a fair bit of thinking about that recently. And by "that" I mean moving on to the next step in life. It will mean finding a job, saving some money, moving out of my family home and finding my own place. I'll also have to decide if I want to stay local to my hometown or move out into a city. I'm not particularly fussed either way. Aside from my family living here, I have no real ties to this town and I don't really planning on moving to some really far away location. If I did move, somewhere like Edinburgh or Manchester would suit me fine I reckon. Still undecided on that one.

Like I said, there isn't really anything particularly making me want to never leave this town. I don't really have any super close friends here, I don't have a girlfriend here and I don't have any real reason to particularly want to stay here, but the same thing can be said about moving away. I guess the main benefit if I were to move away would be the new life with new people. Here, I don't really feel like there's much opportunity for meeting new people, making new friends or finding myself a girlfriend. Maybe I just don't try hard enough. In fact, I know I don't.

Anyway, recently I've been trying to get back into better shape again. I'm about a stone heavier than I was in January and I like to reverse that. It's not something that particularly bothers me but I think I'd just like a healthier overall life style. I'm not talking about joining a gym or anything like that because it just really doesn't seem like my scene. I'm just trying to stop eating junk food and stuff. If I'm hungry, I replace packets of crisps with an apple and stuff like that. I've just been trying to consume less calories and burn up more. So I've not been eating junk food as much and I've been going on some pretty tiring uphill walks, so hopefully it should pay off in time.

Not really got much else going through my head just now. I have my uncles 50th birthday surprise party a week today. That should be fun. Couple his brothers (my uncles) will be going along with two of my cousins possibly and a whole load of my uncles friends that I don't know. Probably wont stay around for it all but still, sounded fun. Shame they're having it in what is probably the most expensive pub in town.

Well, that's the contents of my mind for another month. Mainly just pondering and imagining how the future might turn out, which seems silly, but it doesn't seem like it will be long at all before my life starts to change. Should I be excited or nervous? Who knows.


Work out, crush errything

I wish I could crush my final year of uni into a tiny amount of time and just skip over it. Argh. I just want to move on.

Also come to ireland, seems to work for every other fucking person in europe.

Do the IRA embrace them with open arms?

dat dean

naed tad



DEAN do you like stripey socks

Naw. I wear CAT work socks. Do YOU like stripy socks?

remember that punch out bin ladin game golden memories there

Was that on MiniClip? Does that site still exist? OH GOD THE MEMORIES.

you are 06 ...i still smell newfag

06? I'm an 08

either way i still think your mother should of aborted you

You mad bro?

This comment section is full of idiots. Might as well join in on the fun. Hi Dean.

ZeeJay to the rescue! How's life treating you? I have tomorrow off so I'm happy as Larry. I'm not sure who Larry is, but I'm as happy as he is.