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December - A Snowy Month

Posted by Dean - December 1st, 2012

Snow fell yesterday which is pretty convenient because it meant that the first day of December had snow on the ground, just as it should be in December. Hoping we don't get too much snow until my exams are over though because the last thing that I want is to get snowed in on my uni campus.

Speaking of exams, I have three to sit this month:

Mobile Communication & Programming - 6th December
Rigorous Methods for Software Engineering - 10th December
Computer Network Security - 13th December

I'm not expecting any of them to be too difficult but the first two will probably be the most challenging for me.

In other news, I think I'm on my way to becoming a Trekkie. I can't quite recall why I started watching some of the original Star Trek episodes earlier this week but I did and I love them. They're just so entertaining. In celebration of my new found love, I have a new user icon and display picture. Only reason I changed them is because nobody seemed to know what my old user icon was and I got tired of that display picture. Now they've been taken over by Spock and Dr. McCoy. I've actually ordered the complete original series on DVD so that should be here some time next week. I'll be watching that over the holidays. The Next Generation complete set may also be coming to me in the form of a Christmas present, if I accept. That will give me A LOT of Star Trek to watch.

Not much else has been happening recently. Been busy finishing off coursework and now I'm technically on holiday with the exception of my exams. It's nice to have some time off.

What are you guys hoping to get for Christmas?

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Star Trek - 05/12/12

My complete set of the Star Trek original series arrived yesterday and I watched the first 3 discs (12 episodes) and I have to admit, I love them. I was a bit hesitant to buy this because a lot of the reviews stated that the packaging resulted in scratched discs which started to skip as you were watching them. Not experienced that while I've been watching them and none of the discs are scratched. They're stored in cardboard pouches quite tightly though so if someone just yanks them out, they probably will get a scuff.

Anyway enough about that. I'm becoming a Trekkie. Hopefully I'll have The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine ordered soon.

December - A Snowy Month


I've seen snow maybe two times in my life that I can remember.
I don't have anything I want but new clothes maybe.

Snow is fun so long as it's not interfering with things.
There's nothing I'd particularly like to be given at Christmas either. Must be a sign of growing up :(


I've still to see the new Dredd film. I really need to.

Another year's worth of Sports Illustrated Magazine. :D

I'm going to assume it's a sports magazine that people buy to ogle at pictures of boobs.

I'm blinded by trekkiness

It's just such a good show. I only wish I got into it sooner!

suck my dick and prosper - spock

It is most illogical that Spock would say such a thing.

that goryblizzard dude wont unblock me in chat, what a prick.

I can't help you with that.

I'm on Season 2 of TNG, does that make me eligible for anything

Eligible for anything? I'm not sure what you mean. I'm onto season 2 of TOS now though. Got TNG and DS9 ordered now too.

Dean, since you're a Trekkie now, I have to kick your butt. #NERD

Really is a good show though!

hey u BAN me ur rely a bicth!! i dont like u man.

lol wut? I didn't ban you.

I meant, how do I join Starfleet

By paying me $500

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Apparently, it was Banta Claus who banned you.

PS - wasn't me

who was it then?

Not allowed to say if they didn't leave their name. Themz the rulez

spill the BEANs, DEAN

geddit cause it rhymed

well i ur not gonna say it then fak u den i fkn h8 u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1