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February: A Star Trek Month

Posted by Dean - February 1st, 2013

Due to a lack of anything interesting happening this month I thought I'd dedicate this news post to Star Trek, my new found love.

In early December I somewhat randomly decided to order The Original Series of Star Trek. If you couldn't guess by my display picture and user icon, I now love Star Trek. It's by far the best TV show I've ever seen and I now own about 350 hours worth of Star Trek episodes on DVD. That's the complete Original Series, The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine. At the time of writing this, I'm about half way through season 4 of The Next Generation, so I'd estimate that I've watched about 140 hours of Star Trek so far and I have a lot to go. To make it worse (or better), today I just got the Legends of The Final Frontier Collection in the mail, which gives me 10 Star Trek films to watch as well. That adds about another 18 hours worth of Star Trek to my collection and will give me a chance to see the crew from The Original Series again.

All that I'm missing now is the animated series, Voyager, Enterprise and the 2009 film. Voyager is the only one of those that I'd still really like to have. The rest I'll just pick up if I see them at a decent price. Although having said that, I can't get Voyager at a decent price right now. Well, compared to what I paid for TNG and DS9 anyway. I'm hoping Amazon will drop the price to what it was around Christmas time at some point because I'm not really prepared to pay their current asking price for it.

I find it a little odd just how much I've taken a liking to Star Trek. Prior to randomly buying The Original Series, I had no interest in Star Trek. In fact, I'd even go as far as to say that I disliked it. I always considered it to be "boring Sunday afternoon TV" because when I was younger and used to go over to my Dad's house on weekends, Star Trek re-runs would usually be on TV. Back then I thought it was so dull, but now I can't get enough of it. I've never considered myself to be such a big fan of any other TV series (except Still Game) so it's weird that I've invested so much time and money in Star Trek.

Star Trek really is a great franchise. Don't be put off by people calling it nerdy or because of the strange things you hear about Trekkies. Give it a chance and I think you might like it. It's certainly a lot better than I ever expected it to be and I'm still not even half way through!

Legends of The Final Frontier Collection:

February: A Star Trek Month


Kirk or Picard, Dean?

Picard, but I like the crew from The Original Series better than the crew from The Next Generation. Mostly because Spock and McCoy are a pretty awesome double act.

dean, dean, dean

joe, joe, joe

Yo Dean, you have a hater on your tail:

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I have a Wiki page? I'm famous!

Star truck

Space truckin'

Have you started calling yourself a &quot;Trekker&quot; and not a &quot;Trekkie&quot; yet? :P

I'm too cool for labels. Trekkie sounds cooler thought :P

Never really got into the shows, but I am a pretty big fan of the even-numbered movies, as well as the new one from 2009.

If you liked the movies I highly recommend you check out the original series at some point. It's great. Each episode is like a mini movie.

Yeah, I watched several episodes of the Original series, including the excellent pilot episode &quot;The Cage&quot;, I just never really found the rest of the episodes I watched to be anything special.

I don't know if I actually watched The Cage. Think I skipped it because there was a two parter episode called "The Menagerie" which used a lot of the footage from The Cage, because it was never originally aired on TV.

But TNG had Q, which is arguably the best character in the Star Trek Universe.

Q is kinda interesting. A little annoying though although I do like that TNG has some continuation in the episodes which is something TOS lacked.

Well, I seriously recommend The Cage. It's a very deep, psychological episode. It's lightyears better than the first &quot;official&quot; episode (The Man Trap), for sure.

dean thompson, king of nerds

There's no P in my surname!

dean thompson, king of nerds

There's no P in my surname!

dean thompson, king of nerds

There's no P in my surname!

posting it 3 times wasn't intended, but consider it emphasis

I'll consider it emphasis