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June - A Graduation Month

Posted by Dean - June 1st, 2013

"Subject to the approval of the Senate, the examiners have recommended that you be awarded the following: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with Honours of the Second Class (Upper Division)"

Well, that's it folks. It's finally over. I've graduated from university and now the only thing I have left to do is attend the graduation ceremony. After that I'll be completely done with university. Still not particularly looking forward to having to wear that gown thing.

I've still not started job hunting yet either which is starting to annoy me but it's my fault. I told myself I was going to give myself a week or two after uni finished to just chill for a change. It's been four weeks now... I'll need to get started soon. It's not that I don't want to be working, because I really do, I suppose subconsciously I'm just delaying the job hunting process. Need to get my act together though.

So yea, not a great deal has been happening with me recently. Like I said, just chillin. Been playing through the Mass Effect Trilogy and The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead game is fantastic by the way. If you've not played it, I highly recommend it. I got really into it and before I realised, I'd been playing it for 6 hours straight.

I suppose it might interest some of you to know that I've also sort of gotten into (or am in the process of getting into) comic books. I've always been interested in comic books but never really had any, with the exception of the first 4 Walking Dead volumes. I recently found out about Marvel Now! and DC's New 52 which interested me, seeing as it's apparently a way for new readers to jump on without feeling too alienated. I've read some Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men Legacy and Cable and X-Force. I was always put off by the fact that a lot of comic characters have comic books that span several hundred issues, but Marvel Now! (haven't tried any of the New 52) definitely makes them feel more accessible. Enjoyed reading them so far so I think I'll stick with this for a while. Helps keep me amused for a little while at least.


Congrats, Dean! Make sure to post pics of you in the graduation gown thing so we can poke fun at you.

30 day BBS ban for anyone who laughs!

Dammit, Dean! Who let you in the cloning room again!?

<a href="http://deanclone.newgrounds.com/">http://deanclone.newgrounds.com/</a>

Someone made a gimmick about based on me? I feel famous now.

It's weird when someone makes an account copying you. It usually either means you're famous, or they're just bored as hell.

I think I'll go with famous. Boost my ego a bit.

Well, you have to be at least BBS-famous, being a mod/having a good number of posts. If it were some random user that had like 20 BBS posts, then they'd definitely be really bored.

So what you're saying is that... I'm famous? Sweet!