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July - A Job Hunting Month

Posted by Dean - July 1st, 2013

Well, I received my degree so I guess it's time to look for a job. I feel like I've mentioned jobs in the past few posts and still not actually started looking for one. I guess it's just strange because up until now, this time of year has always been my summer holidays, so it's kinda weird not officially having one right now. It's not as though I'm waiting for school or university to start again. I'm not waiting for anything other than myself and it's kinda strange. As much as I'd like to be working right now and making a start on life, I suppose it just seems like such a hassle getting to that point. But still, that's life and I need to get on with it. Hopefully by the time I write next months blog, or whatever you want to call these things, I'll have made some progress. I really hope so.

In the mean time I've just been trying to enjoy the free time. Mostly I've just been playing video games, browsing the internet and going for the odd walk if the weather is nice out. Getting drunk every odd weekend if I have people to go to the pub with. Nothing super exciting really.

Today I actually made a start on watching The Sopranos. It's a shame it took the death of James Gandolfini to motivate me to finally order the DVDs. I've been meaning to watch this show for years now but back then it cost a lot more to get the box set. It's not so expensive now so I thought I'd just get it. I've only watched the first few episodes but so far it's great. Definitely going to be a show I'll enjoy.

I've also got Twin Peaks sitting here and I plan to watch through it at some point too. Picked that up because I recently beat Deadly Premonition and I loved that game so much that I just had to check out the TV series that heavily inspired the game. After playing Deadly Premonition I have really high expectations of Twin Peaks. I just hope my expectations aren't so high that I end up feeling disappointed by it, because I'd now probably consider Deadly Premonition to be my favourite game of all time. If not, it's definitely up there as one of my favourites.

As you've probably gathered, I'm sort of at a loss for coming up with anything interesting to write about, so I'll just end it here.


We should make a gaming youtube channel. be like HGC but better.

Too much effort for too little gain.

i gotta get me one of those job things.

I can smell the money already.

im srs m8. a channel, let's do it.

Getting a job takes priority right now.

but m8 :C

-(,_. )-

are you still angry at us

Why, what did yall do?

I've been Newgrounds'ing.... since before deckheadtottie, at least.
Ha, Twin Peaks... wery edgy that is :) Still, you've got some resume cred being a mod here and all, that should forgo any 'sensitivity training'.

Now be a good bloke and apply for some work, before a foreigner does! That degree didn't come cheaply, I gather...

I've still not gotten around to watching Twin Peaks yet but I will!
As for the job, I have in interview the day after tomorrow. Also, my degree cost me nothing. That's one of the many great things about Scotland :)