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November - A Musical Month

Posted by Dean - November 2nd, 2013

So I've ended up in a band. As a guitarist, to be a little more precise. A couple weeks back I was asked if I wanted to go along to a local band's practise and mess about on my guitar since their usual guitarist was ill. I thought this was going to be a one off thing but I was then asked if I would play an upcoming gig with them in December. Now I'm told that their guitarist isn't in the best of health and is unlikely to be returning, so I've been asked if I'll stay on as their lead guitarist.

I'm not a good guitarist. In fact, until maybe a day or two before being asked to go to their practise session, I hadn't played my guitar in a long time. I've never really had any guitar lessons, aside from the occasional one back when I was in high school. I learnt guitar by trial and error. I'd put on one of the albums I listen to a lot and just try to work out how to play the songs by ear. I eventually learned how to play most of this album. I wouldn't say I'm an awful guitarist, but I never really considered myself good enough to be performing in front of people. Time for me to become a better guitarist I guess.

These guys are a sort of blues rock cover band but they seem to do a bit of everything. Although now that I'm stepping in as their new guitarist I think they plan on changing their set-list so that it better suits me. From what I gathered there's going to be more of a punk influence now, seeing as that's primarily what I play. It'd still be cool to do some other stuff too. I learnt a few songs between the first and second practise session. Songs like Dakota by Stereophonics, Teenage Kicks by The Undertones and a couple others.

Hopefully I'm able to stick with this. I've seen plenty local bands play over the years so it'd be interesting to be in a and rather than watching one for a change.




Congrats man! You're not sounding that super-exited over this awesome opportunity though? Hope it goes well!

It's not that I'm not excited, it's just a little unexpected and I feel a bit unprepared. I mean we're supposed to have a gig in less than a month and I've practised with them twice.

Sunavabitch Dean, is there anything that doesn't have your name on it!? http://www.groceryrunner911.com/product_images/n/273/08771498000_20110901140131486__15273.jpg

Fat free? Yea, that must be some other Dean. If it was my brand of milk we wouldn't get rid of any goodness!

Do you play this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8DXdvnkaQH4

Haha, I remember that being a pretty good scene. Although I thought that movie as a while was a bit weird. Rescuing whales? C'mon.