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January - A New Beginning Month

Posted by Dean - January 1st, 2014

Happy new year!

I feel as though for the past 6 or so news posts I've always been talking about how I'm still looking for a job since my graduation. Well, at long last, the hunt appears to be over. About mid way through December I ended up with three seperate job offers. Funny how things work. They were for a variety of roles too, but all made use of my degree. The first offer was for an applications support analyst position, the second for an IT support position and the third for a programming role.

I'd have been happy with any of those jobs but I'm going with the IT support role. It's a 15 minute bus ride from my house, the money is good, the people I met at the interview seemed like people that'd be fun to work with and the job itself seems like the one I'd enjoy the most. With it having been Christmas and New Year, the process has been a bit slow though. I sent off my acceptance thing right before Christmas, so hopefully I should hear back with a start date and some more information about the job in the next week or so. Can't wait to get started. Feels like a long time since University came to an end.

In other news, I've not really been up to too much. Still go to see the occasional live band at the pub, still trying to get better at guitar and still trying to get through all the sci-fi shows I mentioned in my last post.

2014 also marks my 6th year on Newgrounds. On one hand it feels like I've been visiting this site for a long time but on the other hand 6 years seems insane. I'll be turning 22 in two weeks. I was 16 when I started coming on Newgrounds. Time sure flies.

Anyway, hope you guys all had a good Christmas. I'm not going to bother with the whole "new years resolution" nonsense because, lets face it, nobody sticks to those things.


2014 should be the year that Dean gets a sweet Star Trek tattoo like my stepbrother did.


Nice. Tattoos are maybe on my todo list.

that's pretty cool

what does an it support role encompass? is it like administering networks and keeping software up to date and what not?

Yea, pretty much. Part of the IT team for a small office building so imagine the role covers all aspects of IT. I always thought I'd end up in software development, but I was always unsure about whether or not I actually wanted to do that. IT support just seems like something I'd enjoy a lot more.

oh i see, neat.

i went into my computer science degree thinking that i'd end up in a software development role, specifically programming, but now actually doing it, it's such a ball breaker. i'm working through an srs right now and i'm about to my bash head against a wall

it's good your choosing something you'd enjoy more. i think if i had the options you had, i'd go for the it support role too. i imagine it'd be a lot less hassle and it'd be cool working with a small group like that

Programming is something that I enjoy doing once in a while but I don't think I'd like having to do it as a daily thing. At least not on a full time basis. I imagine that, in the long term, a programming role is probably going to lead to better opportunities.

I chose to go with the support role because I imagine it'll be a lot more hands on and involve interacting with people, rather than me just being sat programming all day. Not to mention, the money was the same as the programming role with potential to earn a lot more so it just seemed like the right choice for me.