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April - A Fooled Month

Posted by Dean - April 3rd, 2014

The title of this news post is pretty deceptive. See, you read it and thought I'd been fooled but you're the one who has been fooled. Nobody fooled me but I fooled you into thinking someone fooled me. So how'd ya like them apples?

Anyway, another month where I don't have much to say. Just now life generally consists of working all day then chilling for a few hours at night. Repeat that until the weekend rolls around, which generally consist of pub, films and video games. Sometimes I do wake up wishing things were like the used to be, when I had unlimited free time. Not that I dislike work or anything but, you know, something it's just nice to sit around and now have to do anything.

I've decided that in these news posts I want to start setting myself goals. Goals, you say? Yea, it's nothing terribly exciting. I just want to put together a small list of stuff I want to get done each month. Generally it wont be anything producting and will largely be based on me finishing various forms of media. You'll see what I mean below.

The reason I want to start doing this is because, as some of you are probably aware, I have a pretty massive collection of media. In particular, video games, and I have so many sat there that I've still not even played. Hopefully by setting myself some goals each month, it'll help me get through some of them. Obviously I want to try and keep my goals realisitc given the amount of free time I have in a month. I'm slowly starting to aquire other forms of media now (one of the perks of having an income) and I'm starting to get a backlog of other stuff too. Movies I'm not so bad with, since I generally tend to watch them not long after getting them. Graphic novels are starting to build up a little, but I don't really get those too regularly so it wont be too hard for me to get through those.

Goals of the Month

  1. Complete Ocarina of Time (3DS) [ ]
  2. Complete Resident Evil (PS1) [x]
  3. Finish reading Watchmen [ ]
  4. Read The Walking Dead vol. 7 [ ]
  5. Watch season 7 of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine [x]
  6. Watch Inglourious Basterds [x]

Song of the Month





What's your user icon, I've been wondering?
Is watchmen worth reading?

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