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June - A Driving Month

Posted by Dean - June 1st, 2014

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... I passed my driving test. It think it will have been 5 years come September. After passing my test I drove probably no more than 3 times, I had my own car too, but I just never felt all that confident driving on my own, especially after running a red light at a crossing just as people were about to cross.

I'm one of those people who thinks something through a hundred times before doing it. I think of all the things that could go wrong and run through all those scenarios in my head, wondering how they'd turn out. These days I'm a bit less like that although still find myself doing it on occasion.

Since I started working back in January I've commuted using a mixture of public transport and lifts from collegues. It's a perfectly fine way of getting to work but I don't particularly like having to depend on other people for something like that and standing at a bus stop waiting for people to turn up isn't particularly fun. Now felt like a good time to get a car again, especially seeing as I have an income and no real financial commitments. I was shown a car last week that was just what I was looking for, paid the deposit and picked it up 2 days ago after work. It's a 2011 Volkswagen Polo and as far as I'm concerned it's a great fisrt car (well technically it's my second car but I barely used my previous one).

This weekend I think I've driven almost 100 miles trying to get used to driving again. I already feel as though I'm a better driver than I was back when I was 17/18. I worry less about what might go wrong and feel more in control. I'll even go as far as saying I actually find it fun. There are still the occasional moments where I'll drop down a gear a bit too soon or over rev when I'm pulling out but I guess that'll stop being an issue over time as I get used to the car.

As of yet I've still to drive anywhere alone. Every time I've been out driving so far I had my mum as a passanger. I'm thinking that tonight I'll take a drive to my work place alone, just to get a feel for it before doing the "real thing" tomorrow morning. Roads will no doubt be busier in the monring as everyone heads to work but my over-thinking brain can only really come up with two places in which increased traffic might make things slightly more awkward. A junction that has me pulling out onto a 60 MPH road and a really narrow road that I have to take to get to work which has parked vans taking up half the width of the road.

So yea, I'm driving again and have my own car. I'd include a picture of it but I don't really want to be stood out infront of my house snapping pictures of my new car whilst everyone is sat in their gardens enjoying the sun. Maybe I'll get one later in the month.



All I heard in my head when I was reading this.

The Who? I was thinking more Chuck Berry - Riding Along In My Automobile. Much catchier.