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August - A Super Exciting Month

2014-08-02 18:46:28 by Dean

I don't have a whole lot to say.

Been watching Alfred Hitchcock movies.

Been watching Twin Peaks again now that the blu-ray set is out.

Been playing Morrowind.

That pretty much sums up my recent activity. Here's a nice song for you:



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2014-08-02 19:13:55

Haven't seen Twin Peaks since it aired on TV. How did you like 39 Steps?

Dean responds:

39 Steps isn't part of the Hitchcock set I've been watching. Been making my way through the 16 films that are in the Hitchcock Ultimate Filmmaker Collection. So far I've seen Saboteur, Shadow of a Doubt, Rope, Rear Window, To Catch a Thief, The Trouble With Harry, The Man Who Knew Too Much and Vertigo.


2014-08-02 22:45:51

I'm not surprised, even for Hitchcock, it's a moldy oldie, though the oldest 2 remakes aren't so bad. wasn't a bad remake of Vertigo, even for Mel Brooks

Dean responds:

Prior to starting this box set, I'd never seen a Hitchcock film before. I wouldn't say I've disliked any of the films I've seen so far but some interested me a lot more than others. The Trouble With Harry probably being my personal favourite so far, followed by Rear Window, Rope and To Catch A Thief. I'll likely be watching North By Northwest at some point today.


2014-08-03 16:11:11

Hmm good luck with N by NW, I seem to recall it being rather boring, though I was pretty young at the time.

Dean responds:

Might be worth a re-watch then. It's definitely one of the better Hitchcock films I've seen so far.


2014-08-09 15:13:27

Hey Dean, play more classic games!

Dean responds:

Haven't been gaming much at all recently. Keep meaning to go back and finish Mega Man X but just cba :(


2014-08-26 22:58:53

what's good me old mucker

Dean responds:

At 4am you should be asleep! But to answer your question that lacked a question mark, I suppose a lot is good right now. Don't have much to grumble about.

What about you? I hear you're going to be a military man.