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September - A Late Month

Posted by Dean - September 14th, 2014

Well fuck, we're already half way through the month and I forgot to do another one of these posts. As usual, not got a whole lot to say anyway. Think my trip to Germany is 2 or 3 weeks away at this point. Guess that'll be fun although some recent suggestions made me a little less thrilled about it.

I was actually going to write some pretty lengthy post here about my past 9 months of learning IT Support on the job but I must have re-written it about a million times and it always lacked structure. Short version is that it's quite strange having people depend on you to carry out a job that you're learning to do as you go along. Thankfully it's still something I really enjoy but I feel like I should make more of an effort to start learning about more than just the things I deal with day to day. There's still so much to IT support and being a sys admin that I'm completely unfamiliar with.

I've been listening to The Sex Pistols a lot recently, so here you go:



good to hear, man. have you finished uni and everything now? and yeah i'm off to basic training in october! it's exciting stuff to be finally getting on with my life. oh also, where on earth has the chat gone, what've i missed there?

Yea, I've been done with uni for a little over a year now. Out of curiosity, what made you want to join the army? Never had you down as the sort. I'm not too sure what happened to the chat. I think a few problems piled up and they just pulled the plug until something more official is made.

haha yeah people always say that i don't seem the type. honestly it's just been something that i've always wanted to do. it started when i was a kid, and i was fascinated by guns and soldiers and stuff like that. but now, childhood interest aside, it's the only career i'm genuinely interested in, and it's going to give me way more opportunities than any other job i could go for! and that sucks about the chat