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November - A Media Month

Posted by Dean - November 2nd, 2014

Fun fact: I've apparently watched 80 films this year so far.

Ever since I got the PS3 back in January I've gradually been getting more and more films on blu-ray. Currently I think I have 84 films on blu-ray which seems pretty mental considering I originally only intended on getting a select few. I've tried films that I'd never normally have chosen to watch, like Alfred Hitchcock's stuff. I've finally gotten around to watching classics that I'd never seen, like Alien/Aliens, the original Indiana Jones trilogy, One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest (love this film), Pulp Fiction, Taxi Driver and so on. I've re-watched films I previously disliked and found out that now I love them, like Lord of the Rings. Reason I disliked Lord of the Rings being that when I was younger and DVD was becoming a more affordable option, my Dad's girlfriend at the time bought a DVD player with the LotR films and I had to sit through the entire thing in one sitting. At least, I think I did. I just remember being stuck there watching these boring films that seemed to go on forever. I never wanted to see them again, until recently when I decided I was going to watch all the extended editions of the films and then realised how much I like LotR.

That brings me on to something else I've been doing more regularly recently. Reading. I've read 4 books this year, 2 of those I actually read last month. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, The Shining, Fahrenheit 451 and Brave New World. Still, 4 books in a year is 4 more books than I'd normally read in a year. I'm currently about half way through a 5th book (The Humans by Matt Haig) and plan on re-reading The Hobbit before trying to get through the LotR books. I got a really nice set of LotR book for a decent price on Amazon (might include a picture of it below if I remember). If I do get through the LotR books, it'll easily be the biggest thing I've read. At present, I think The Godfather is probably the biggest book I've read. But if I do make it through LotR and still feel motivated to read, I think I'd like to try the Song of Ice and Fire series. It's pretty massive but everyone seems to be into it and it encouraged a lot of people to start reading, so it seems like it might be worth a shot if I think I'll be able to stick with it.


This year I've also picked up quite a few comics/graphic novels that I've still not got around to reading. In particular there's quite a lot of Batman stuff that I'd like to get through at some point. I've read Year One and still have The Long Halloween, Dark Victory, Knightfall, Hush, The Dark Knight Returns and The Court of Owls to read. Really want to read this stuff but just haven't gotten around to it. Earlier this year I did make it about halfway through Watchmen and halfway through Superman Birthright.

Usually it's video games I tend to talk about but I actually haven't  been playing all that many. For a while I was playing a lot of Battlefield 4 but since I got back from Germany I've not played it much at all. I don't have a TV set up in my room anymore either, so my older consoles aren't getting used either which is a shame because I'd like to get back to playing some SNES again but a TV takes up too much desk space. Been debating putting the 3DS to use and playing through some of the games on that. I bought it a while ago along with a few games and I've barely played it. I made decent progress with Ocarina of Time on it, but other than that, it hasn't had much use. I still have A Link Between Worlds sitting there unplayed.

So yea, not really much to talk about hence all this pish you've just read (assuming you actually read it). Just thought it was sort of odd that I've gone from being someone who played video games in a lot of my spare time to someone who barely playes video games anymore and spends a lot more time watching films or reading.

And I just remembered something really cool. The 1966 Adam West Batman TV series is due to be released in a couple weeks time. I've had the blu-ray set on pre-order for some time now, so it'll be awesome when that finally arrives. Obviously it's a show that was way before my time, but I still have childhood memories of it being something that I used to watch on Sunday afternoons. Comes with a Hotwheels Batmobile too, so what's not to love?


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